Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Glasgow Bound

So Monday I'm Glasgow bound with my friend to see our boys on the 3rd night of their tour with The View.  Originally I wasn’t planning to go through but now my friend is I decided what the hell.  It works out well because tomorrow night would of been the last night I’d see my boy before he goes on tour and then to Ireland until the 28th.  So now I get an extra evening hooray!

We’ve been too a few gigs in Glasgow but never on a Monday night. What do you wear on a Monday to a gig then an after party?! I really hate going casual to a gig now especially if I know we’re going out afterwards.

The last trip to Glasgow we had to book another night in the hotel due to being far too hung over to travel.  Hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be repeating this time.

So this evening while I try and sort out what I need for the weekend, I need to find something decent to wear on Monday.


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